Star Wars Slots Breathe Fresh Life into Gaming

Star Wars is unquestionably one of the biggest screen hits of modern times. Audiences across the world enjoy it a great deal and are always looking forward to more. For the gamblers, therefore, it was a mostly welcome bonus, when casinos began introducing Star Wars-themed slot games.

It has been a while since Star Wars slots were first introduced. Las Vegas casinos were the first to begin featuring such games. Although punters loved the idea of their favourite shows on the games, the first versions were not a big hit, as they were still lacking in many areas. Some characters, for example, were not featured, and the game’s graphics were a bit underwhelming.

The casinos probably knew this, and thus opted first to introduce the games in bricks-and-mortar casinos. With time, however, there have been tremendous improvements in the games, and fans have responded in kind. The games are now available in both physical and online casinos and can be played for real money.

The beauty of Star Wars slots is that they can be a lovely getaway when online games become boring. If you dig around in online gaming forums, you will notice that a lot of people are finding modern games boring, in comparison to the traditional video games, which they left for being boring also!

So, essentially, these slots are a new dimension in gaming. They produce a combination of two thrills, gaming and gambling, and then top it up with the possibility of earning real money. It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

What’s Unique About Star Wars Slots?

For starters, they feature most of your favourite characters from the three parts of the Star Wars Trilogy. Whether you loved the first two films or The Last Jedi, you are well taken care of.

Moreover, your knowledge of the movies can help you put together amazing combinations, that greatly increase your chances of winning. On this one, you have to give it to the developers who wrote this software. After initial complaints from players, they did a meticulous upgrade job, on both the features and graphics. You really are unlikely to get a software complaint today, as regards either the online or casino-proper version.

With Jedi skills, for example, you can win prizes in some of the swamps, using a play skill known as ‘levitation.’

The games’ mega jackpot rises to as high as $1000000 and is probably to keep rising as we move into the future. Most casinos that stock Star Wars slot machines, allow players to place the minimum bet at every stake.

A little initial downside for these slots (maybe not so little, for some gamblers), was that the slots only allowed players to play on 25c slots. The newer machines, however, allow slots as low as 5c, with reports indicating that it is possible to even play 1c on some machines.

Overall, however, the freshness brought by the Star Wars slots, to both the casino and the video gaming world, should be applauded.