Star Wars Games in Review

When the first Star Wars Arcade entered the stores in 1983, after the release of the original movie, it was the first game at all, that was based on the Star Wars brand. In other years, the game was also released on Atari’s 2600, and 2500, for example, as well as for other consoles.

In 1982, the second Star Wars game was re-released for the Atari 2600 under the title “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”, and was, in fact, the first Star Wars game developed for consoles.

“Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle” was the third Star Wars Game in a row, that was released based on a Star Wars movie, and was issued in 1983. While “The Empire Strikes Back” was taking place on the ice planet known from the second movie, the players in “Return of the Jedi” took control over the Millennium Falcon. With that, players needed to shoot enemy Tie-Fighters in space, and in the end, destroy the second Death Star.

While all Star Wars games so far took place in an environment known from the movies, “X-Wing” became, in 1993, the first Star Wars game that does not follow the movies. In X-Wing, which was the prequel of “Tie Fighter”, the player took control over an X-Wing, to fight the enemies in space.

Its sequel “Tie Fighter” was released just one year after “X-Wing” and gave the players the opportunity to play on the side of the Imperial Troops and take control over an Imperial Tie Fighter to fight the rebels’ X-Wings.

In 1997, the sequel “Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter” combined the ships from previous games and brought the players on Microsoft Windows PCs, a multiplayer mode for the first time in the history of Star Wars games.

In 1999, the last part of that series was released, which offered for the first time, a full voiceover soundtrack. In “Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance” the players were able to fight for the rebels and to use several spaceships known from the sequel, as well as new ones, such as the Millennium Falcon that is owned by Han Solo in the movies.

The first real first-person shooter based in the Star Wars universe was released in 1995 for DOS, Mac and the Sony PlayStation. In “Star Wars: Dark Forces” the players were able to play in the role of Kyle Katarn for the first time, who became the main character, also in the sequels of this game. Altogether, there were four games released from the so-called Jedi Knight series. The last one was released in 2003, for Windows PCs, Mac and Xbox consoles, under the title “Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy”.

Up to the present time, there have been several, different Star Wars games, released out of many genres such as Ego-Shooters, MMORPG or online multiplayer shooter games, such as the last Star Wars game “Star Wars Battlefront II” that was published in 2017 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox. It was the sequel to “Star Wars Battlefront”, that was released two years before in 2015.