Force Unleashed Story, Characters, and Clues

Project Lead Haden Blackman and Producer Julio Torres along with Secret Apprentice actor Sam Witwer were on a panel at Celebration Europe to answer questions and discuss aspects of Force Unleashed. The important excerpts of the panel have been posted at the official Star Wars blog. Some information is already known but there are also some new bits including a small piece about multiplayer and a potential Force sequal.

Read the entire entry at the official Star Wars blog.

2 Responses to “Force Unleashed Story, Characters, and Clues”

i think you should be able to create your own renegade jedi or secret sith apprentice!!!!!!!!!!

Sith Lord3423 09/13/2007 at 7:34 pm

This is what i want for Force Unleashed( My way, and i hope there way)

At the end of the game You kill Vader and the Emperor. You become th enew emperor of the Empire and you edventually marry Juno

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