Force Unleashed Patch 1.2

The second patch for the PC version of The Force Unleashed has been released. This is mostly a general performance increase patch with a few other updates. You can download the patch from LucasFiles.

Patch notes:

  • General performance increase on all supported configurations.
  • DMM performance increase.
  • Added Version number update in launcher.
  • Rogue Jedi’s tunic is now visible during gameplay.
  • Emperor’s arms are now visible during gameplay.
  • Fixed parts of the “Dark Lord’s Armor” from continually bouncing

10 Responses to “Force Unleashed Patch 1.2”

Its only for the US version of the game, not european

I have not seen a separate version for the European version of the game, sorry about that. If you or anyone does know where you can download one, make sure to post a comment.

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Is there any way to apply this patch to the mac version? Or is there a separate file anywhere?

the patch doesn’t install in x64 versions of Windows 7 or Vista. it rollback after some min. Anyone has an idea??

Disappointed 09/22/2010 at 8:50 am

And when are you going to fix the sound bug?

PC version is not playable without patch. Bugs are baaad mmkey, but thanks for the game LucasArts and Aspyr. Regarding “rollback” problem: patch stores original files here (in case C: is your system drive) C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp. I dont know exactly but it requires lots of free space on drive C: (>16Gb).

Was a solution found for using the patches for x64 versions of Windows 7?

Ramsey, i had the same problem, the patch do a backup of the changed files, so you need 15 gb free or more to patch the game

all official patches can be found here:

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