Welcome to the World of Star Wars

On this website we want to inform you about the published games that take place in the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas in 1977, which became a huge success following the release of the film. In the following years, Star Wars became a Science Fiction classic, along with Star Trek, which was released in the middle of the 60s.

Until today Star Wars became many enthusiastic fans no matter what age they are who read, watch and buy nearly everything that they can find about their favorite sci-fi universe and its characters.

That leads to various events just like big conventions that can be found in every part of the world. At those conventions the huge Star Wars fan base can come together and discuss about the future of the brand and its upcoming history within the future. And they can also participate in cosplay contests and other competitions that are based on several topics out of the Star Wars universe.

But beside of the movies, spin-offs or books, there were also many Star Wars games developed within the last few years. Those games are typically published on consoles as well as on windows PCs and allow the fans to experience several places the fans might know from the movies in the cinema.

Those games can be found in several genres just like Ego-Shooter, MMO-RPG or Online-Shooter games where the players need to solve different challenges where they has to fight the imperial troops that are led by Darth Vader and the mighty imperator.

In some of these games the players are playing in space were they have to navigate a ship to fight against the imperial ships like Tie Fighters and other spaceships known from the movies.

And what is most import for a huge amount of Star Wars fans is that they can slip into the role of the characters who took part in the storyline of the movies just like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and other well-known characters out of the Star Wars universe.

In other games like “Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer” the players were forced to take part in the races on the courses of the planet Tatooine showed in Episode 1 that entered the cinemas in May 1999 and left many disappointed Star Wars fans in their seats.

But none of the early games created a shit storm under the players in the internet than Star Wars Battlefront II that was released in November 2014 and led to a huge amount of angry fans who showed their anger on the internet in forums and on websites.

And also the reviews of the game in magazines and the internet clearly showed the issue where the anger of the fans was based on. Like in the first Battlefront that was released in 2015 the developers from the EA studio DICE integrated several contents that the players were forced to invest money for.

But after the big shit storm on the internet before the game even was released led the developers to delete the controversial content.